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energy waste


As a subsidiary of GEO PLC, the largest energy efficiency consultancy in France, GGV aimed to provide the most cost efficient solution, calculation and reliable Energy Efficiency technologies for sustainable environment development.

Currently, in South East Asia, together with Deka Global Energy Indonesia, we have successfully imported and manufactured Carbon Cleaning Machine from Europe. Carbon Cleaning Machine will clean carbon deposits that impacting the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine.


This Carbon Cleaning Machine maximizes your engine’s performance and save fuel consumption through a chemical reaction that produces Oxy-Hydrogen gas. This gas passes through your engine’s air intake system and discharges through the exhaust system of your engine.

Our Carbon Cleaning machine has been proven by CE marking that it’s safe and effective (a certification mark within the European Economic Area). As of today, we have more than 20 carbon cleaning stations in Jakarta, benefiting the vehicle owner in Jakarta.